Reputation Management and Marketing

How hotel reputation management service works?

The internet and online reviews have changed the way people book hotels. They used to rely on marketing messages and a brand’s image. Now most  of your guests are making their booking decisions based on social media reviews. So what happens if your scores are low or damaging you can ignore it or  you can embrace this challenge and recognize that with this shift comes opportunity opportunity to truly know your customers, opportunity to get a leg up on the competition, opportunity to improve your business, because delivering an exceptional guest experience will lead to more positive reviews and
more bookings.

Protecting Reputation scours the web to stay on top of  your online reputation. We will show you what people are saying so and take action against any negative review, setup a system to increase your 5 star reviews and will warn you when bad news strikes so you can avoid escalating PR challenges and fix issues immediately.
We will help you respond online so you can demonstrate to future customers that you care
and will even help you get more content online see your true customer voice can
display the squeaky wheels that overpower the truth.

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Every day that goes by you are loosing money and potential customer because of BAD or NO reviews or less reviews than your competitors. The longer you wait, the more you loose. Take action NOW!