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How to Fix Yelp Reviews


Yelp is one of the most influential directories which allows people to post reviews and  share their experience publicly on the Internet. Yelp is using a special filter to filter reviews and according to them the filters there to eliminate spammers. according to the latest research that was done at Harvard University’s business center, 82% of people contact business based on the online reviews a one starr difference in Yelp, results about 20% difference in businesses gain or loss. Yelp pages have great ranking in Google which allows people to find these pages easier. There’s a lot of arguments and lawsuit against Yelp, in regards to their filter which business owners claim the filter is filtering legit reviews from the actual customers of that business. The bottom line is that Yelp reviews have major influence on people’s decision-making when it comes to buying a service or product and to choose which business they want to deal with.

If you have negative reviews in Yelp, you need to set up a system to get legit reviews from your happy customers  posted in Yelp. We have changed a lot of one star reputation in Yelp to 4 or 5 stars. Please contact us for details. Please contact us at 866-96-7396 or 818-570-3363 for details. 

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Every day that goes by you are loosing money and potential customer because of BAD or NO reviews or less reviews than your competitors. The longer you wait, the more you loose. Take action NOW!